Simple Tips for Battling Gum Disease

Gum disease or gingivitis can strike just about anyone who doesn’t practice good oral hygiene daily, and its effects aren’t only exclusive to the teeth and mouth, either. Thankfully, you can still combat this illness even when you’re already exhibiting its symptoms. Here are some basic things that you can do to fight this problem, whether you’re already suffering through it or not. Continue reading


Knowing the Proper Time to Brush Your Teeth

For everyone, brushing one’s teeth after eating is an ideal routine, as the dentists recommend cleaning the teeth for improved oral health. It helps remove food debris and plaque, the sticky biofilm that gathers on the surfaces and in between teeth, and contain bacteria. Continue reading

How to Correctly Use Your Electric Toothbrush

It’s important to follow the proper brushing guidelines so you get the most out of your device and make sure that you’re receiving the right care for your teeth and gums. Unsure of how to properly use your new electric toothbrush? Follow these tips and brush your way to improved oral health: Continue reading

Electric Toothbrush: How Does It Work?

It helps to first understand how an electric toothbrush works before you shift from manual brushing. Besides knowing why you have to pay more for this modern device, you will also have an idea of how you can maximize its potential in maintaining your oral health. Here’s a closer look at the major components of the device and the system that improves brushing efficiency and experience. Continue reading