Electric Toothbrush: How Does It Work?

It helps to first understand how an electric toothbrush works before you shift from manual brushing. Besides knowing why you have to pay more for this modern device, you will also have an idea of how you can maximize its potential in maintaining your oral health. Here’s a closer look at the major components of the device and the system that improves brushing efficiency and experience.

An electric tooth brush has two major parts: the removable brush that has a semi-rotating head and the handle which contains all components responsible for the mechanical action. The head is only capable of rotating partially to allow for a back-and-forth brushing movement. This is known to be more efficient in eliminating plaques and foodstuff stuck on the teeth’s surface.

The head can perform a reciprocating brushing motion with the help of the cap and gear. This is located right at the upper portion of the handle, bridging the handle and the removable brush. Under this component lies an electric motor that can turn the brush at a speed of 3,000 to 7,500 rotating motions per minute, which is enough to scrape away even thick stains.

The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery located right under it. Having an electrical system attach to a device that requires washing with water may pose certain issues. However, designers of electric toothbrush makes sure that the device has a completely watertight arrangement to avoid water from seeping in and shorting out the charging system.


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